The annual Wetland Science Conference 

Join other scientists and professionals of the wetland and water community of Wisconsin and the upper Midwest to:

  • Share your wetland research, restoration, management, or outreach program;
  • Learn new identification and assessment approaches and techniques;
  • Hear about approaches to incorporating wetlands into watershed & community planning;
  • Discuss the latest in wetland science, planning, and protection issues;
  • Look ahead to the future of wetland science and practices in Wisconsin and the Midwest.

The 2-day conference, which annually draws upwards of 350 attendees, includes a keynote address, organized symposia, topical oral sessions, a poster session, working groups, a banquet, and field trips to area wetlands.

The 2020 Wetland Science Conference will be held February 18-20 in Elkhart Lake, WI.

The 2020 Wetland Science Conference:
A Clear Vision for Wetlands

At last year’s 2019 Wetland Science Conference, all in attendance shared ideas about our community of wetland professionals and enthusiasts and, specifically, how we should be working in order to achieve the greatest possible impact for wetlands in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest. The overwhelming answer: Engage in watershed-scale planning and projects to restore healthy hydrology by building partnerships to increase active engagement in wetland conservation.

This year, the Wetland Science Conference moves this idea to the next level, working to create A Clear Vision for Wetlands. We’ll explore the latest wetland protection, restoration, and management techniques and approaches. We’ll talk about wetlands as solutions in watersheds and communities. We’ll share stories of our wetland conservation partnerships—what’s working and what’s not. We’ll examine how the work we’re doing now is supporting watershed-scale planning and projects to restore healthy hydrology and building partnerships to increase engagement in wetland conservation—and how we could refocus our work to better accomplish these larger goals.

Importantly, we’ll also continue to build and strengthen our community, because only together can we remain energized, see possibilities, learn from one another, and accomplish the big tasks ahead. Thank you for being a member of this community and for working toward a clear vision for wetlands.

“There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”
– Margaret J. Wheatley

Who should attend

We invite wetland experts and enthusiasts from the Midwest and beyond to join us. Our audience typically includes:

  • Scientists from colleges and universities
  • Federal and state agency scientists
  • Local government staff and officials
  • Federal and state agency regulators
  • Tribal staff
  • Natural resource managers (public and private)
  • Private consultants
  • Land trust staff and volunteers
  • Graduate and undergraduate students in the natural sciences
  • Staff of local, statewide, and regional non-profit conservation groups
  • Volunteer leaders of non-profit conservation groups
  • Wetland enthusiasts and concerned citizens
  • Members of the media

Who is Wisconsin Wetlands Association? 

This conference is hosted by Wisconsin Wetlands Association, a statewide non-profit dedicated to the protection, restoration, and enjoyment of wetlands and associated ecosystems through science-based programs, education, and advocacy. We envision a state where wetlands are healthy and plentiful and support ecological and societal needs, and where citizens care for, appreciate, and interact with these natural resources.

Connect with us:

Advisory Panel

David Bart, UW Madison
Tom Bernthal, WDNR (retired)
Aaron Brault, Sheboygan County Planning & Conservation
Dan Collins, Landscapes of Place
Drew Fowler, WDNR
Sally Gallagher, WDNR
Jon Gumtow, Stantec
Tod Highsmith, WWA Board Member
Kelly Kearns, WDNR
Lauren Leckwee, WCMP
Sarah Majerus, Stantec
Nick Miller, The Nature Conservancy
Travis Olson, UW Extension
Eric Parker, Heartland Ecological Services
Randy Poelma, Ho-Chunk Nation
Dan Salas, Cardno
Travis Schroeder, WDNR
Susan Schumacher, We Energies
Pat Trochlell, WDNR (retired)
Dreux Watermolen, WDNR

“A great opportunity to learn, network, and exchange ideas about wetlands that applies both to Wisconsin wetlands and wetlands everywhere.”

2014 Conference Attendee

A happy man and woman standing together

“I’ve been to other scientific conferences that do a great job of relaying science.  However, this conference, those in attendance, and those who ran it, made me feel so welcome.  The personal connectiveness resonated beyond science sharing.”

2015 Conference Attendee