Call for Roundtables

Wisconsin Wetlands Association invites you to host a roundtable conversation at our 30th Annual Wetland Science Conference, which will be held February 25-27, 2025. We expect to host an in-person conference in La Crosse, WI.

Roundtable conversations are informal sessions where people with a shared interest can come together to talk about that topic as part of the Wetland Science Conference. These sessions are a great place to bring your questions or challenges to ask others for suggestions or to come up with solutions to shared challenges. Most importantly, they are great places to talk with people who share your interests and build relationships you can draw on after the conference.

Proposal Deadline: September 30, 2024

A group of women sit around a table during the Wisconsin Women's and Wetlands roundtable conversation at the 2023 Wetland Science Conference. Photo taken by Monika Blazs.

More information

Organizer responsibilities

Roundtable organizers/hosts are responsible for planning the agenda/flow of the session, recruiting any facilitators, and running the session.

Roundtable organizers/hosts need to coordinate well in advance with WWA regarding room set and AV needs.

Roundtable format and audience

While roundtable organizers should provide a framework for the discussion, roundtables should feature only limited presentation content. The majority of the session should involve discussion among participants. We encourage the use of small group discussions if your audience is more than about 10 people.

Roundtable conversations are open to all conference attendees. We do not require pre-sign up for Roundtable conversations.

Roundtable conversations are intended for Wetland Science Conference attendees only. We ask that you not invite people outside of the conference to attend your roundtable. If you need to include people who are not otherwise attending the conference to provide technical support for the meeting or to contribute key information to the discussion, or if you need to make an alternative arrangement, please contact to discuss.

Note that we will try our best to minimize conflict with other conference presentations, but as is the case at most conferences, some conflicting schedule overlap is unavoidable.

Suggestions for Roundtable topics

We will consider Roundtable conversations about any wetland-related topic that you think would be of interest to members of our wetland science community. Recent Roundtable topics included:

  • Wetland mitigation listening session
  • Mentoring the next generation of wetland professionals
  • Starting or growing an ecological restoration business
  • Natural flood management
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion for Wisconsin’s conservation community
  • Wetland invasive species: identification, protection, and control
  • Conservation mapping tools: Wetland restoration potential and groundwater assessment
  • Climate change and wetlands
  • Wisconsin’s women and wetlands
  • Protecting and restoring wetlands together: How lake organizations can help care for watersheds and wetlands
  • The Mary Linton Wetland Poetry Session
  • Working with tribes to build wetland program capacity and a nationwide framework for advancement
Review process

Conference planners will review proposals and do our best to accommodate them in the program schedule. While we hope to be able to accommodate all submissions, we cannot guarantee that we will have time or space to do so. We will be in touch with you about your proposal by the end of November.

Submit your Roundtable proposal

Submit your proposal here.

Proposals are due September 30, 2024.

The form asks you to provide following information:

  • Roundtable title & description
  • Name, affiliation, contact info for co-host(s)
  • How long (in minutes) do you want your Roundtable to last?
  • Special scheduling considerations (e.g. sessions your Roundtable could not be concurrent with)?
  • What is your preferred timing for your Roundtable (Tuesday PM, Wednesday AM, Wednesday PM, Thursday AM, or Thursday PM)
  • If public health conditions require WWA to pivot and host an all-virtual conference, are you willing to host the Roundtable virtually