Conference symposium

Symposia are planned sessions on special topics that support the conference theme and integrate across disciplines and across the landscape. They are organized by members of the wetland science community with the goal of furthering information sharing and collaboration on current critical wetland issues. Special thanks to the members of the Conference Advisory Panel who reviewed and advised on this year’s symposium proposals. 

Preparing Wisconsin’s Wetlands for a Changing World: Integrated Approaches to Adaptation

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 10:40am – 5:00pm

and Thursday, February 22, 2018, 9:30am – 12:00pm

Ten years ago, the 2008 Wetland Science Conference featured a special session to explore how changes in temperature, precipitation, and other climatic factors might affect wetland ecosystems. The scientific community has made significant advances in this field of study since then. This symposium will provide attendees with the most up-to-date and regionally pertinent projections for Wisconsin’s climate in the coming years and how those changes may influence wetlands, water quality, flooding, and the health of wetlands and waters in the state. It will also highlight the important ecosystem services offered by wetlands in the landscape to moderate flooding and related threats.

The symposium will help wetland managers translate research findings into practical on-the-ground actions by explaining important concepts within the context of real-life examples. Presenters will highlight available tools and resources that help individuals identify adaptation strategies and evaluate management approaches through monitoring. This symposium will leave you feeling empowered to implement proactive adaption planning in the wetlands that you care for.

This year’s symposium is a joint venture of the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts and the Northern Institute for Applied Climate Science. Special thanks to Amy Staffen, Sue Schumacher, and Alice Thompson for their organizational efforts.

This symposium will directly complement a by-invitation-only Wetland Adaptation Workshop being held on Friday, February 23, 2018 at the Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva. More information.

Featured speakers

Check in periodically to see the list grow!

Peter David, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Ankur Desai, UW-Madison

Pamela Geddes, Northeastern Illinois University

Jason Granberg, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Sarah Johnson, Northland College

Nicholas Koltz, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Nick Miller, The Nature Conservancy

Rob Montgomery, Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions

Evan Murdock, Montgomery Associates: Resource Solutions

Ryan O’Connor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Todd Ontl, USFS Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science

Hannah Panci, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission

Danielle Shannon, Michigan Technological University

Amy Staffen, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Gary Sullivan, The Wetlands Initiative

Alice Thompson, Thompson & Associates Wetland Services

Dan Vimont, UW-Madison

Ben Zuckerberg, UW-Madison