Conference symposium

Biodiversity Conservation: Amphibians, Reptiles, and Wetlands

Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 10:40am – 5:00pm

A variety of types of wetlands provide critical habitats for many species of amphibians and reptiles. These species play important roles as insect and rodent predators and as valuable prey for various birds, mammals, fishes, and invertebrates. Population declines and disappearances of amphibians and reptiles, however, have led to widespread scientific and public concern. While not fully understood, the causes for these declines appear to be complex and numerous and include habitat destruction, degradation, and fragmentation. More recently, emerging infectious diseases have garnered attention. Citizens are now actively engaged in programs to monitor and conserve populations. This symposium will explore the current status of Wisconsin’s amphibians and reptiles, discuss ongoing research and work to address emerging threats/ diseases, and highlight recent amphibian and reptile conservation/management efforts in the Upper Midwest.

Thanks to Dreux Watermolen (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) and Josh Kapfer (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) for organizing this symposium.

Featured speakers
Laura Adamovicz, University of Illinois
Andrew Badje, Wisconsin DNR
Tara Bergeson, WDNR
Rebecca Christoffel, Snake Conservation Foundation
Bob Hay, Turtles for Tomorrow
Josh Kapfer, UW-Whitewater
Mike Lannoo, Indiana University School of Medicine
Mike Mossman, retired Wisconsin DNR
John Peterson, UW-Platteville
James Schulte, Beloit College
Chris Smith,
Rich Staffen, Wisconsin DNR
Dreux Watermolen, Wisconsin DNR